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Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration with medifundo free of charge?

Yes, registration is free of charge. Also the review of the company data or the establishment of the contact to the company does not cost the investor anything.

Why can't I see all offers?

Some offers may only be shown to a limited number of investors. Therefore it is possible that not all interested parties can see the same companies. VIP investors can view all offers.

Why am I not a VIP investor?

The investors who have invested the 50 highest cumulative total sums receive VIP status. The VIP status can therefore change at any time and is influenced by the investment performance of all investors.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The companies individually determine the minimum investment amount. Usually this is in the five-digit range. The background to this is that the investments are associated with extensive shareholder rights. A manageable group of shareholders is intended to ensure the company's ability to act and to pass resolutions.

Can I terminate the investment?

The termination rights are normally regulated in the investment contract or - in the case of equity investments - in the articles of association. These points should definitely be clarified during negotiations with the company.

Can I sell the investment?

You should also negotiate this question with the company. Usually there are provisions in the investment agreements or in the articles of association which, for example, grant pre-emptive rights to the other shareholders.

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